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ANNOUNCE (24th July 2002) ICONS 1.1 Released:

What is ICONS?

ICONS is a package intended to provide a cross platform icon library facility for TCL/TK programmers.

While ICONS can be used to create libraries of application specific icons to simplify distribution, a main aim is to encourage the production of a "standard" icon library, which could possibly be included in tcllib/tklib.

The icon libraries are simple text files, making them easy to create. A utility for displaying the contents of the libraries (viewIcons) is included with the package.

Libraries containing five different icon themes are currently available (See Libraries). Each icon theme consists of two library files each containing 16x16 and 22x22 icons:-

Please Note: The current "standard" library is simply a candidate. I'm hoping for feedback giving suggestions as to its final makeup (approximately 200-300 icons?).


A very big thank-you to all of the following...

...without whom this project would not have been possible.

System Requirements

TCL/TK 8.0 or greater.


ICONS Download File Contents:

LICENSEICONS package license/copyright terms.
icons.tclICONS package script.
pkgIndex.tclICONS package index script.
viewIcons.tclIcon viewer utility script.
tkIconsDefault icon library (KDE style). This is a copy of "tkIcons.kde".
tkIcons.kdeIcon library (KDE style).
tkIcons-sample.kdeIcon library (KDE style, larger selection).

To Install the ICONS Package (TGZ):

To Install the ICONS Package (ZIP):

Copyright © 2002 Adrian Davis.