Chapter 7. Ada Language

Table of Contents
The Bindings
The Examples
Obtaining the Software
How to use the Ada bindings
Unique Features of the Ada bindings
Parts That Retain a C Flavor
Known Variances
Compilation notes
Notes for Apple Macintosh OS X users

This document describes the Ada bindings to the PLplot technical plotting software, how to obtain the necessary software components, and how to use them together.


The Ada bindings for PLplot provide a way for Ada programmers to access the powerful PLplot technical plotting facilities directly from Ada programs while working completely in Ada—the Ada programmer never needs to know or worry that PLplot itself is written in another language.

There are a thin binding and two thick bindings provided. The thin binding presents the application programming interface (API) in a form very similar to the C API, although in 100% Ada. The thick bindings present the API in a form to which Ada programmers will be more accustomed and add some ease-of-use features. It is expected that the thick bindings will be preferred.