Compilation notes

10.1 Ada 95 Versus Ada 2005

As discussed in Section 6.1, the bindings are made to work with Ada 95 but to also take advantage of the Annex G.3 (vector-matrix) features of Ada 2005. Actually, this adaptation takes place during the PLplot build process when DHAVE_ADA_2007=OFF or DHAVE_ADA_2007=ON is chosen; the appropriate binding source files are generated automatically. User programs will work with either compiler type without modification.

10.2 GNAT Dependence

There is a slight but significant dependence on the GNAT version of Ada. This is discussed more fully in Section 6.2

10.3 PLplot_Auxiliary

The bindings include files and PLplot_Auxiliary.adb. These files are currently used to provide a few convenience subprograms that are used in the examples. However, they are also very tightly associated with the above-mentioned facility to accommodate either Ada 95 or Ada 2005 compilers. The current situation is such that if the user is using an Ada 95 compiler and requires the Real_Vector or Real_Matrix type definitions, then he/she should with PLplot_Auxiliary. If in doubt, PLplot_Auxiliary can always be with-ed without harm. In the future, this confusion might be removed and the need for PLplot_Auxiliary removed. (However, user programs that with it should still work without change.)