Known Variances

9.1 Stripchart labelling

In Example 17, all of the stripchart labels are the same regardless of the fact that the calling program sets them to be different. This is likely to affect user programs in the same manner.

9.2 Documentation

In numerous places in the documentation, a feature is listed or described as "C only." Many of these features are actually available in Ada. For example, in Contour_Plot (plcont in the traditional binding), the transformation from array indices to world coordinates is mentioned as "C only" but is actually available in Ada.

9.3 API

The C documentation for plscmap1l, (Set_Color_Map_1_Piecewise in the thick binding) and plscmap1la (Set_Color_Map_1_Piecewise_And_Alpha in the thick binding) states that if the last argument is a null pointer, the behavior is as though a proper-length array of all False values was passed. In Ada, these procedures are overloaded to allow a last argument that can be either an array of Boolean or a value of the enumerated type (Reverse_Hue_None, Reverse_Hue_All).