Chapter 24. Obsolete/Deprecated API for PLplot

Table of Contents
plclr: Eject current page
plcol: Set color
plhls: Set current color by HLS
plHLS_RGB: Convert HLS color to RGB
plpage: Begin a new page
plrgb: Set line color by red, green
plrgb1: Set line color by 8-bit RGB values

The purpose of this chapter is to provide minimal documentation for obsolete/deprecated API that appears in our C library to provide backwards compatibility until our next major release, PLplot-6, where these functions will disappear. Do not use these functions, and if you already use them in legacy PLplot applications, replace them by the suggested equivalents so you won't be caught out by the next major PLplot release.

plclr: Eject current page

plclr ();

Deprecated. Use the new name, pleop, for this function instead.