The LaTeX PostScript Driver

This is a PostScript device driver that writes out its results in two files. (1) The encapsulated postscript (EPS) file contains all the postscript commands for rendering the plot without characters, and (2) the LaTeX file contains a fragment of LaTeX that reads in the EPS file and renders the plot characters using LaTeX commands (and LaTeX fonts!) in alignment with the EPS file to produce a combined result.

Suppose you create the EPS and LaTeX files with the following command: ./x01c -dev pstex -o x01c.eps. The EPS file is then stored in x01c.eps and the LaTeX fragment is stored in x01c.eps_t. Then you may use the generated files with the x01c.tex LaTeX code that follows:


and generate PostScript results using the LaTeX fonts with the following command: latex x01c.tex; dvips -f <x01c.dvi > . The results look good (aside from an obvious bounding-box problem that still needs to be fixed with this device) and should be useful for LaTeX enthusiasts.

There are no available driver options.