Chapter 26. Notes for each Operating System that We Support

Table of Contents
Linux/Unix Notes
Windows Notes

The purpose of this Chapter is to present notes for each operating system that we support. Currently, those are all operating systems supported by CMake (all forms of Unix including Linux and Mac OS X, and all forms of Windows including MinGW, MinGW/MSYS, Cygwin, and essentially all Windows variants directly supported by Microsoft) as well as the DJGPP operating system (supported by an independent build system since CMake is not available for DJGPP).

Linux/Unix Notes

Linux/Unix Configure, Build, and Installation

Here is the short story:

	  # Note many other cmake options are available besides -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX
	  # Inspect CMakeCache.txt after a preliminary cmake run to see an annotated
	  # list of the available options.  Then remove CMakeCache.txt and try again.
	  cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<install-prefix> \
	  <path-to-source-tree> >& cmake.out
	  make >& make.out
	  #(optional, requires -DBUILD_TEST=ON option for cmake)
	  ctest >& ctest.out
	  make install >& make_install.out
	  cd <install-prefix>/share/plplot<version>/examples/
	  make >& make_examples.out
	  ./ >&

The longer (CMake) story is currently documented here. The eventual plan is to incorporate that material in this documentation, but we haven't done it yet so this section NEEDS DOCUMENTATION.

Linux/Unix Building of C Programmes that Use the Installed PLplot Libraries

This is incomplete. For now follow what is done to build our installed examples (see "make >& make_examples.out above) using pkg-config. NEEDS DOCUMENTATION.