plcon2: Contour plot, general 2-d mapping for Fortran 77

plcon2 (z, nx, ny, kx, lx, ky, ly, clevel, nlevel, xg, yg);

Draws a contour plot of the data in z[nx][ny], using the nlevel contour levels specified by clevel. Only the region of the array from kx to lx and from ky to ly is plotted out. The arrays xg and yg are used to specify the transformation between array indices and world coordinates. See the Section called Contour and Shade Plots in Chapter 3 for more information.

z (PLFLT **, input)

Pointer to a vectored two-dimensional array containing data to be contoured.

nx, ny (PLINT, input)

Physical dimensions of array z.

kx, lx (PLINT, input)

Range of x indices to consider.

ky, ly (PLINT, input)

Range of y indices to consider.

clevel (PLFLT *, input)

Pointer to array specifying levels at which to draw contours.

nlevel (PLINT, input)

Number of contour levels to draw.

xg, yg (PLFLT *, input)

Pointers to arrays which specify the transformation from array indices to world coordinates. These must be two-dimensional arrays, used for a transformation of the form: tx = f(x, y), ty = f(x, y). Function values at locations between grid points are obtained via linear interpolation.

NOTE: this function is intended for use from a Fortran 77 caller only. The C user should instead call plcont using the built-in transformation function pltr2 for the same capability.