plHLS_RGB: Convert HLS color to RGB

plHLS_RGB (h, l, s, p_r, p_g, p_b);

Use plhlsrgb from the common API instead of this deprecated C-only function.

h (PLFLT, input)

Hue, in degrees on the colour cone (0.0-360.0)

l (PLFLT, input)

Lightness, expressed as a fraction of the axis of the colour cone (0.0-1.0)

s (PLFLT, input)

Saturation, expressed as a fraction of the radius of the colour cone (0.0-1.0)

p_r (PLFLT *, output)

Pointer to red intensity (0.0-1.0) of the colour

p_g (PLFLT *, output)

Pointer to green intensity (0.0-1.0) of the colour

p_b (PLFLT *, output)

Pointer to blue intensity (0.0-1.0) of the colour