plimage: Plot a 2D matrix using color map1 with automatic colour adjustment

plimage (idata, nx, ny, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, zmin, zmax, Dxmin, Dxmax, Dymin, Dymax);

Plot a 2D matrix using color palette 1. The color scale is automatically adjusted to use the maximum and minimum values in idata as valuemin and valuemax in a call to plimagefr.

idata (PLFLT**, input)

A 2D array of values (intensities) to plot. Should have dimensions idata[nx][ny].

nx, ny (PLINT, input)

Dimensions of idata

xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax (PLFLT, input)

Plot coordinates to strecth the image data to. idata[0][0] corresponds to (xmin, ymin) and idata[nx - 1][ny - 1] corresponds to (xmax, ymax).

zmin, zmax (PLFLT, input)

Only data between zmin and zmax (inclusive) will be plotted.

Dxmin, Dxmax, Dymin, Dymax (PLFLT, input)

Plot only the window of points whose plot coordinates fall inside the window of (Dxmin, Dymin) to (Dxmax, Dymax).

Redacted form:

This function is used in example 20.