plMergeOpts: Merge use option table into internal info structure.

int plMergeOpts (options, name, notes);

Merges in a set of user supplied command line options with the internal options table. This allows use options to be used along with the built-in plplot options to set device driver, output file etc. See plparseopts for details of how to parse these options in a program.

options (PLOptionTable *, input)

User option table to merge.

name (const char *name, input)

Label to preface the options in the program help.

notes (const char **, input)

A null-terminated array of notes which appear after the options in the program help.

This function is currently available in C, C++ and Ocaml.

This function is used in examples 1, 8, 16, 20 and 21.