PLOptionTable: PLplot command line options table structure

The PLOptionTable structure is used by plMergeOpts to pass information on user-defined command line options to plplot. The structure contains the following fields:

opt (const char*)

Name of option.

handler (int (*func) (const char *, const char *, void *))

User-defined handler function to be called when option is set. A NULL value indicates that no user-defined handler is required.

client_data (void *)

Pointer to client data. A NULL value indicates that no client data is required.

var (void *)

Pointer to variable to set to the value specified on the command line option.

mode (long)

Type of variable var. Allowed values are PL_OPT_FUNC, PL_OPT_BOOL, PL_OPT_INT, PL_OPT_FLOAT, PL_OPT_STRING.

syntax (const char *)

Syntax for option (used in the usage message).

desc (const char *)

Description of the option (used in the usage message).