plpoin3: Plots a character at the specified points in 3 space

plpoin3 (n, x, y, z, code);

Marks a set of n points in x, y, and z using the symbol defined by code. If code is between 32 and 127, the symbol is simply the corresponding printable ASCII character in the default font. Setup similar to plline3.

n (PLINT, input)

Number of points to be marked.

x (PLFLT *, input)

Pointer to array with x coordinates of the points.

y (PLFLT *, input)

Pointer to array with y coordinates of the points.

z (PLFLT *, input)

Pointer to array with z coordinates of the points.

code (PLINT, input)

Code number for the symbol to be plotted.

Redacted form: plpoin3(x, y, z, code)

This function is used in example 18.