plsvect: Set arrow style for vector plots

plsvect (arrowx, arrowy, npts, fill);

Set the style for the arrow used by plvect to plot vectors.

arrowx, arrowy (PLFLT *,input)

Pointers to a pair of arrays containing the x and y points which make up the arrow. The arrow is plotted by joining these points to form a polygon. The scaling assumes that the x and y points in the arrow lie in the range -0.5 <= x,y <= 0.5.

npts (PLINT,input)

Number of points in the arrays arrowx and arrowy.

fill (PLBOOL,input)

If fill is true then the arrow is closed, if fill is false then the arrow is open.

Redacted form: plsvect(arrowx, arrowy, fill)

This function is used in example 22.