The TrueType PostScript Driver

This is a PostScript driver that supports TrueType fonts. This allows access to a far greater range of fonts and characters than is possible using Type 1 PostScript fonts (see the Section called The PostScript Driver). It is the driver to use for generating publication quality output using PLplot. The driver provides two devices: the ps-ttf device for black-and-white plots and the ps-ttfc device for color plots.

The driver requires the LASi (v1.0.5), pango and pangoft2 libraries to work. The pango and pangoft2 libraries are widely distributed with most Linux distributions and give the psttf driver full complex text layout (CTL) capability (see for an example of this capability). The LASi library is not part of most distributions at this time. The source code can be downloaded from The library is small and easy to build and install. Make sure you use LASi-1.0.5. The psttf device driver uses new capabilities in this version of LASi and no longer works with LASi-1.0.4.

The available driver options are: