The wxWidgets Driver (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)

The basic wxWidgets driver's features and user interface are described in the section called 'Driver Basics'. The file drivers/README.wxwidgets describes how you can use the PLplot library within your wxWidgets application.

wxWidgets Driver Basics

The wxWidgets driver plots in a Frame provided by the wxWidgets library. The driver is quite complete but lacks many of the GUI features of the TK or GCW drivers. All plots are available at once an one can switch between all plots by pressing Alt-n. The application can be quit with Alt-x. These functions are also available in the menu. After the last plot one will advance again to the first plot. Anti-aliasing is supported and and the wxWidgets driver is unicode enabled. It is also possible to address the wxWidgets driver from within a wxWidgets application - this is described in the next section.

The available driver options (used with the -drvopt command-line argument) are:

The text option toggles between TrueType and Hershey fonts. The Hershey fonts provide a reference implementation for text representation in PLplot.

The smooth option will turn on or off text smoothing for True Type fonts. This will increase the time for a plot considerably.