Chapter 5. The PLplot Display Driver Family

Table of Contents
The Xwin Driver (X-Windows)
The GCW Driver (Gnome 2)
The Tk Driver
The AquaTerm Driver (Mac OS X)
The wxWidgets Driver (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)

Drivers that provide screen displays are described in this chapter. Each of the drivers has a list of options, and these may be set as outlined in the Section called Command Line Arguments in Chapter 3.

The Xwin Driver (X-Windows)

The Xwin driver draws plots in an X-window. Although some of the newer features are not supported, it remains the reference driver for PLplot.

Plots are displayed one page at a time. The pager is advanced by pressing the Enter key, and may only be advanced in the foreward direction.

Anti-aliasing is not supported, and the Xwin driver is not unicode-enabled.

The available driver options are: