The java::autolock Command


java::autolock ?activate?

The java::autolock command will halt garbage collection for every Java object that is reflected inside the Tcl interpreter. In normal operation, a reference to a Java object needs to be assigned to a Tcl variable otherwise it will garbage collected. In some cases, one might want to interactively call methods on java objects without the extra step of assigning results to variables. If you want to enable such functionality call the java::autolock command with no arguments or with the optional activate argument set to 1. Activating the auto locking feature will keep java object references from being garbage collected. You can deactivate the auto locking feature by calling the java::autolock command with the activate argument set to 0. When autolocking is deactivated, all auto locked java references will be garbage collected unless the reference had been assigned to a variable.

When auto locking is enabled you will notice a significant slowdown. This is a direct result of the overhead required to implement auto locking. This should not matter for interactive sessions, but scripts run with auto locking activated will be a lot slower. For this reason (and others which are harder to explain) you should never use the java::autolock command in a finished script. The auto locking feature should only be used in an interactive session.

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